Accelerate Dev, securely streamline OPS (DevSecOps): mixing talents is necessary for the success of this transformation.

Continuous integration



UX and UI

Cloud and infrastructure

Continuously Integrating tests (including security) thanks to the DevOps philosophy

At Squad we support companies in the integration of tests used in CI/CD pipelines to analyse containers, conduct static and dynamic code analysis (SAST and DAST) and to automatically deploy security updates and services supervision.

The Squad approach accelerates the production of quality software thanks to the automation of service monitoring, continuous integration of new code, automatic generation of documentation and the continuous deployment of code produced.

Accelerating agile development by focusing on the User experience

At Squad, we work side by side with our partners towards the integration of Agile DevOps methods into the workflow. This is established from the methodology phase right through to the implementation of microservices-oriented architecture, which can be used alongside pre-existing systems and put into practice within a DevSecOps context.

API development in DDD (Domain-driven design) is nowadays considered to be the standard required to enable interaction with pre-existing services, by allowing KPI implantation to become automated and therefore much more simple.

Making security by design a reality

The way we secure and develop infrastructure needs to change and adapt in order to face cyberthreats and the pace of the DevOps way of working.

At Squad we firmly believe in Security By Design, so the way we conceive security is by firmly integrating it into the DevOps approach.

The DevSecOps model allows to implement security in both development and deployment cycles. Thanks to this model, it is possible to utilise Pentest-as-a-service at all stages of the evolution process for application, products and services in production. This means that security for these products in guaranteed, as the detection of breaches can occur before attackers have had the chance to exploit any weaknesses in the system.

Rethinking applications by concentrating on User experience

Every creation is made to be efficient, effective and satisfying, so by analysing user needs, creating mockups and validating prototypes, it is possible to have more significant ROI both short and long-term.

Our UX experts engage in their projects through the use of personas, use cases, recruitment and design thinking. In less than a second, a digital user will decide whether they will continue on that particular website or go visit the competition’s, so a carefully thought-out design will retain the user by building a relationship of trust.

Squad’s design team transform interfaces thanks to the latest innovations in the industry (immersive, flat, responsive, one page, card design etc…) on all screens (web and mobile apps). The expertise of our designers allows to create pixel-friendly styles, to facilitate the developers’ work.

Making infrastructure more dynamic by adopting an as-a-service approach

Whether it’s on the public cloud or in an internal environment, here at Squad we integrate our projects into the DevOps pipeline, thanks to the segmentation of macro services into microservices and to the integration of containers into existing infrastructure and different cloud platforms.

We adopt a software-defined approach to infrastructure, through automatic configuration tools, by establishing an automatic management system for deployment, as well as by creating APIs to drive servers, containers and system equipment.

We are also able to integrate and deploy flux-based notions automatically, so the infrastructure can evolve more rapidly and more dynamically.