Why agility is the answer to infrastructure management

It is becoming increasingly harder for traditional infrastructure to keep up with the changing times. More often than not, these systems are made from obsolete materials and defined by fixed architecture, so they struggle to evolve as the same pace as innovations in the field.

How can your infrastructure stay relevant?

This is where Agility and flexibility come into the picture. These methodologies are no longer something that is just relevant to application development. They can be applied in many domains, including infrastructure, whatever the setup and size of your systems or architecture.

By embracing agility, any infrastructure can be standardised, automated and flexible. A one-tool-for all allows different components to integrate your systems thereby increasing their efficiency, reactivity and resilience.

Integrating agility to your approach means

  • Being able to better manage the life cycle of components
  • Having a clearer A-Z vision of the infrastructure
  • Cost reduction and more  efficient cost management
  • Quicker time-to-market

How do you implement an agile culture in your day-to day activities?

Understanding and establishing a DevOps culture is critical for agility. DevOps teams are multi-function and versatile, as they incorporate numerous different skills, responsibilities and outlooks. Forget about your “Dev team’ to one side and “ops/infrastructure team” to the other: agility is all about mixing the cards to bring flexible, imaginative solutions to the table.

A DevOps team is made up of both developers and systems/networks engineers, that work on digital (agile and bimodal) as well as legacy structures. The tasks that these kinds of teams execute follow this approach, embracing and including the latest innovation topics such as virtualisation and containerisation.

At Squad Australia, we believe that the DevOps paradigm is the key to boosting productivity, so we train all of our consultants on the newest approaches and the latest technologies, in order to provide our clients with the innovative expertise they need.