How to detect anomalies with Machine Learning? (3/3)

12. Juli 2021

Wrote by Wassim B., Cybersecurity Expert SQUAD As illustrated in Figure 2, the proposed anomaly detector monitors VNFs (Section 1), preprocesses the monitored data (Section 2), trains models (Section 3), evaluates models’ performance and detects anomalies. 1) VNF Monitoring VNFs …


Background on time series modeling and forecasting (2/3)

7. Juli 2021

Time series modeling carefully collects and studies the past observations expressed as a time series for the purpose of developing an appropriate model which describes the inherent structure of the series. One of the most frequently used stochastic time series …


Introduction to Machine learning (1/3)

29. Juni 2021

Wrote by Wassim B., Cybersecurity Expert SQUAD Nowadays, network Functions Virtualization (NFV) [1] and Cloud-native Network Functions (CNFs) offer new ways of designing, scaling and operating networks, as customer-centric services can be elastically scaled and easily orchestrated, not only at …


#Gaming : Les roguelikes

19. August 2019

Par Benjamin L. – TheExpert UX/UI Designer chez Squad Comme toute forme d'art, les jeux vidéo ont eux aussi leurs genres, sous-genres et autres catégories. On peut ainsi distinguer par exemple les jeux de sport, les FPS (tir à la …