SQUAD Comes to North America and Opens a New Subsidiary in Montréal

Paris, March 17, 2021 – SQUAD, the European expert in cybersecurity (DevSecOps), is ramping up its international growth and has chosen to open a new subsidiary in Montréal to take on the Canadian and North American markets.

Backed by its technical know-how and the security specialization encoded in its DNA, SQUAD chose Québec as the base from which it will support its existing customers in Canada and participate in the region’s rapidly evolving new technologies industry. The company works with large businesses in a variety of sectors, including defence, banks and insurance, telecommunications and transportation.

“Following the successful launch of our activities in Australia, opening an office in Québec is a strategic choice that will allow us to support our customers using the follow-the-sun model, thanks to our presence in the globe’s three major economic regions, North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific,” noted Antoine Hautin, Deputy CEO of SQUAD.

To support that growth, the expert consulting firm plans to hire a number of experts in the coming months. It aims to strenghten its teams in all cybersecurity-related professions, including ethical hackers, SOC analysts, system and network security engineers, security architects and so on. SQUAD has always paid special attention to ensuring that it is an attractive workplace in order to successfully recruit the best talent.

“Expertise and friendliness are core values for us. One of our distinguishing features in our markets is how closely our teams work together. We plan to use the same approach that brought us success in France: making our experts the heart of our operations,” stated Marc Brua, SQUAD Co-founder and CEO.

“Montréal’s strategic positioning offers a number of advantages for European companies looking to break into the North American market,” said Hubert Bolduc, President of Investissement Québec International. “Our team is working closely with SQUAD to ensure it has all the tools it needs to drive its growth and achieve its ambitious goals. Our technology ecosystem is solid, and cybersecurity businesses are sure to find everything they need here to develop and pursue their projects.”

“I am delighted that Greater Montréal will serve as a bridge between Europe and Australia,” said Montréal International President and CEO Stéphane Paquet. “The Montréal region is increasingly becoming an obvious choice for businesses looking to invest in cybersecurity. It boasts one of the world’s biggest playgrounds for testing new solutions, which can be attributed to Montréal’s expertise in AI, a field closely related to digital security, as well as to the availability of a highly skilled workforce.”

After a 2020 marked by new performances and the equity investment by ABENEX, SQUAD is picking up the pace of growth with the planned opening of three new offices in France (Bordeaux, Lille and Brest) and new markets in Europe (Germany and Benelux). The group is approaching its goal for 2025: to become the European leader in cybersecurity and DevSecOps.


+ 300%
Organic workforce growth
over the last 5 years
Projected sales for 2021
Glassdoor employer rating
locations in France and abroad
Projected sales for 2025

About Squad

With locations in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, Sophia-Antipolis, Nantes and Rennes in France, as well as Adelaide, in Australia, Squad is a consulting group specializing in cybersecurity and DevOps.

Created in 2011, the group expects to have a workforce of over 700 consultants by the end of 2021 and total sales of 65 million euros, which it plans to triple to 200 million euros by 2025. The group owes its success to its strong specialization in information security and DevOps as well as the close ties it has developed with a customer base largely composed of major corporations.

In 2020, SQUAD earned its PASSI certification from ANSSI (Agence nationale française de la sécurité des systèmes d'information), attesting to the high level of technical proficiency of Squad’s teams and its ongoing commitment to making its customers’ systems and infrastructure secure.


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