Squad, French leader in cybersecurity, accompany major companies in the safeguarding and protection of their sensitive assets, through the use of the Cybersecurity Framework CSF (NIST).

Identifying the threat

Protection and detection

Responding and recovering

Managing security, defining risks, identifying vulnerabilities and targeting sensitive assets.

We commit to assisting our clients in the management of their cybersecurity infrastructure, preventing threats and ensuring their most sensitive assets are protected.

Our experts work alongside major companies to offer them the best of our expertise in cybersecurity and ensuring they are resilient when faced with the risk of attack and their assets being compromised.

Squad works closely with government institutions, in order to apply ANSSI security standards.

Ensuring major corporations get the cyberprotection and surveillance they need to ensure their digital safety and trust.

The negative impacts of a cyberattack are heightened when a company is unprepared. Our specialist security, operational architects and engineers will conceive, deploy and run the most advanced solutions to protect the vital infrastructure of the organisation. Squad implements the best and most innovative forms of continuous surveillance, where the key aspect is to monitor every minor signal of breach in order to immediately detect any intrusion.

Being reactive and being responsive are at the heart of the squad strategy when faced with a cyberattack.

The question is not whether a cyberattack may happen, but when. SQUAD teams are always monitoring the situation, ready to react and organise a defensive retaliation. Our objective is to provide a rapid, effective response to stop and contain the potential consequences of any attack.

Squad ensures activities are resumed as normal, by implementing plans to restore any functionalities that may have been altered. We offer support in any legal action by collecting technical evidence, which then allows us to better understand the mechanisms involved in the attack and integrate them in the evolution of our own security systems, making them more resilient and more efficient.