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    We are proud to announce that SQUAD has been certified for the second time in 2017 Best Workplace in the small/medium enterprises category.
    And we count on you to join us and reach together the first place !

  • Fulfill your career objectives with us. We often meet disappointed candidates after years of being ignored by their IT services companies.


    At SQUAD, it is quite simple: we say what we do; we do what we say!


    Management and consultancy are closely interconnected. At SQUAD, everyone expresses herself or himself, and everyone can get answers to questions or wishes. This enhances a true participatory culture and collective creativity.


    Getting integrated into a new company from the very first steps is essential. This integration process includes colleagues’ presentation, missions’ follow-up and construction of a dedicated training plan. These make SQUAD an enjoyable company to work with on a daily basis.

    It is also ensured by different events to which you are invited: site’s meal, agency parties, regular meetings or improvised ones over a drink or lunch.


    We hire the best experts and they need to remain the best in their field. To ensure everyone’s progression, we develop a personalised Continuous Skills’ Improvement Plan for each consultant. Upon the arrival of the consultant, a detailed analysis of the course, wishes and evolution’s goals is performed. The result is a training plan over 3 years (periodically reassessed, the plan is updated after 3 years). The Continuous Skills’ Improvement Plan is a win/win agreement between SQUAD and each consultant.

  • SQUAD – Lab: Research

    At SQUAD, being at the top of technology is considered as a duty. Heavily investing in research activities allows SQUAD to get the ‘Young Innovative Company’ (JEI) label but also to benefit from the Research Tax Credit (CIR). Our research centre enhances our participatory policy by favouring knowledge exchange through our social media.

    SQUAD’s contributors can share, experience and add value to our research subjects.


    Joining SQUAD gives you the guaranty to work on topics at the forefront of technology for major customers or innovative start-ups in the service industry, the telecom, banking, insurance or Internet businesses. We usually offer our consultants long-term missions. A SQUAD mission is the certainty to make full use of your knowledge and acquire new skills. Most missions take place in an international environment while some of them include trips abroad.


Software Requirements Engineer

Eliciting, analysing, specifying, and managing the real needs of the client. Putting in place qualification’s and application test’s plans. Being open to today’s world and aware of new business issues. Getting excited about new technologies and ergonomics.

User Experience Design (UX Designer)

Combining usability, utility and desirability. Allowing users to achieve their goals, facilitating their life and making applications desirable. Assessing software applications in the context of use. Conceiving pleasant and easy-to-use interfaces for all platforms.


Being a true WEB 2.0 and mobile platforms expert (IOS, Windows, chrome OS, Android). Juggling different languages (Java, C#, HTML5, Python, PERL, Swift …) and their framework (Struts, Hibernate, Angular JS, Foundation, Django …). Good sizing and dimensions: adaptive and responsive design.


Having a real enthusiasm for developing with highly technical languages (PERL, PHP, Python …) and a passion for operating system (Open Source Linux). Showing a naturally developed capacity for optimisation (system, virtualisation, script) and tuning.

Systems’ Expert

‘Virtualising’ is the key word. Virtualising the system (Linux, Microsoft, Vmware, Citrix, Hyperv …). Virtualising the storage (NetApp, Vsphere …). Virtualising the network (Nexus, QFABRIC). Virtualising the datacentres (vCloud, UCS …). The Cloud (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, HP, IBM …). All in a service mode (ITIL V3).

Security Expert

Mastering risks management and business challenges, adapting security in accordance. Pen Testing & Security Assessment. Verifying security statements. Setting up Security Development Lifecycle (hackers’ emerging main target).