Accelerate Dev, securely streamline OPS (DevSecOps): this transformation needs a mix of talents to succeed.

UX and UI

Cloud and infrastructure

Continuous integration



Rethink applications from the user experience point of view

All developments are intended to be efficient, effective and give satisfaction. By working on user requirements, mockups and validating prototypes, payback time will be both short and long-term.

Our UX experts’ preferred methods are personae, use cases, recruitment and design thinking. Internet users decide whether to stay on a specific website or go visit the competition in less than 50ms. Good design generates user trust.

Squad’s design team transforms interfaces using the latest trends (immersive, flat, responsive, one page, card design etc.) on all media (web and mobile apps). Our designers’ experience is used to create pixel-precise styles, to make development easier.

Make infrastructure more dynamic using an As-a-service approach

Whether on the public cloud or in “on-premise” environments, Squad builds its projects into the DevOps pipeline by splitting macroservices into microservices, by integrating containers into existing infrastructure and different Cloud offers.

We use a Software Defined approach to infrastructure, using automatic configuration management tools, setting up automatic monitoring when new hardware is deployed and creating APIs to drive servers, containers and network hardware.

Flow concepts can be integrated and automatically deployed to make  infrastructure more dynamic and easier to upgrade quickly.

Continuously Integrate tests (including security) using the DevOps philosophy

At Squad we support companies in integrating tests used in CI/CD pipelines to analyze containers, conduct static and dynamic code analysis (SAST and DAST) and automatically deploy security updates and service monitoring.

Service monitoring automation, continuous integration of new code, automatic documentation generation and the continuous roll-out of code to production: the Squad approach speeds up the roll out to production of quality software developments.

Accelerate agile development by focusing on the user experience

Squad helps businesses adopt Agile DevOps development methods from the methods phase through to the deployment of microservices architecture that is interoperable with existing systems and included in a DevSecOps pipeline.

DDD (Domain-driven design) API development has become the standard for interoperability with existing services, making it possible to define KPIs in a simpler, automated way.

Making security by design a reality

The way infrastructure and developments are currently secured needs to change to include cyberthreats and the DevOps method deployment speeds.

Squad believes in Security By Design, so we build security design into the DevOps model.

The DevSecOps model is used to automate the integration of security into the development and deployment cycles. It becomes possible to use it at every step of Pentest-as-a-service for applications, products and services in production. This guarantees that all security vulnerabilities are detected before hackers can exploit them.